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Florida has a rich history, from pirate lore in the southern waters to the borders of Georgia and Alabama to the north, two states deeply rooted in the southern traditions of the U.S. It’s actually quite surprising that, considering the amount of tourists that flock to this sun drenched paradise throughout the year, there are still many hidden treasures located around the state. Hidden treasures that the locals hope you never discover. Let’s explore some of the best: Crystal River Preserve and State Park I think that one of the best hidden secrets in the entire state has to be ...
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 Motion Loft Motion Loft tracks pedestrian and car count around your property Motionloft continues to manufacture their own hardware and software and have recently released the latest generation of their sensor hardware and dashboard. The latest version of their sensor is fully weatherized, compact and significantly expands their capabilities to gather data for all aspects of commercial real estate, Motion Loft tracks pedestrian and car count around your property… Keeping you from sifting through old documents trying to find sales counts or traffic accounts Rescour Rescour has developed a proprietary data pipeline that retrieves classifies and geo-locates millions of data points from ...
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How To Build And Manage The Perfect Urban Venue

Property management can be the best source of income and stability, or it can be a task from hell. Being the owner of a retail space or property, such as a shopping center is a heavy duty. You need to control who is leasing the retail space, in what direction the development of your property is to take. It is also likely that you have to manage some degree of staff and other time consuming minor tasks. You can say, as being the owner of a shopping center, one can either work ON the business or IN the business…. Let’s ...
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Florida has much more to offer than just sun. If you love to shop, some of the best malls in the country can be found here. Makes sense, too… if you're going to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, you'd better have great places for them to shop. Here's our favorites, starting at the bottom of the state, and working our way up. Dolphin Mall - Miami MIAMI Not only is it home to The Miami Dolphins NFL team, and the bikini clad women of South Beach...Miami has some great malls. Our picks in Miami ...
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Commercial Real Estate Advantages

Major Advantages of Commercial Real Estate Ownership and Investing

Commercial Real Estate Advantages There are some major advantages to owning Commercial Real Estate over Residential. The hardest thing to face is finding the right tenant for a building. Once you have found the right tenant for a space there are some great advantages to having commercial property over residential. Top Factors and Advantages to Commercial Real Estate Invesments Negotiations and Terms: The residential market is highly regulated by government. This is for the right reasons and we not saying it should not be. The fact remains though that this same over site is not in place on commercial leases ...
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Commercial Real Estate in Florida

Commercial Real Estate – 5 Top Websites You Need To Read

Commercial Real Estate is a long term holding. This article is a summary of some of the great places to grab information on Commercial Real Estate (with a focus on Florida) across the internet. Contacting RSA and reading our site is obviously the first choice. We have over 100 years experience and we know the Florida Commercial Real Estate and Retail Shopping Center market better than anyone will on a National Level. While that may sound a bit vain, it is honest. We developed a team that could focus on results that we wanted every client to have when they ...
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Evaluating Commercial Real Estate Investments

Evaluating Potential Investments in Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate Investment Evaluation If you have ever studied in a new city, lived abroad or started your own business, chances are you’ve had to rent out some space for a while. Office space in particular is much more likely to be rented rather than owned. So, if your company moved to a new location or a new office suite opened up near to where you work, it is highly probable that at some point you had this thought: All that money is going to the landlord and he doesn’t really have to do much to earn it. And ...
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Property Management on Commercial Real Estate

Commercial property management is a special part of the investment property industry. It requires unique skills and property knowledge at a personal level to improve property performance. Commercial Property Management Our firm covers lease and rent strategies, property control, landlord reporting, tenant mix matters, maintenance management plus many more practical applications to commercial property management. The strategies covered in the post are from the personal experiences of our firm in managing and leasing large office, industrial and retail properties over many years. Hands-on experiences help you understand how to approach this very special part of the industry. Simplicity and practicality ...
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Marketing Your Commercial Real Estate Assets in Florida

Your property has value. You want to make sure that you market the value that you property has. Often times this doesn’t mean the price. The value of commercial property is often in the other tenants, the location, and the location being in the exact targeted area that the tenant is looking for. Who is Watching Your Back? Listing agents are duty-bound to protect the landlord’s interests. If company managers only works with listing agents, they must rely on their own wits to protect the company’s interests. This creates a decided disadvantage at the negotiations table, as only the landlord ...
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How to Choose a Commercial Real Estate Broker – Top 3 Traits

When you are beginning the process of deciding on your broker it is very important to understand what makes a great Commercial Real Estate Broker. The qualities and questions to make sure you know the answer to will help guide you in this process. 1. Top Commercial Real Estate Markets: Obviously if the broker you are engaging with understands the market that they are currently in then it will help facilitate the transaction smoother. The top markets currently are: 1. Orlando, Fla. 2. Portland, Ore. 3. Dallas, Texas 4. Houston, Texas 5. Minneapolis, Minn. 6. San Diego, Calif. 7. Austin, ...
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