Florida Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions – We’re Buying!

It’s no secret to those “in the know” that you make your money when you BUY Florida real estate. That may sound counter intuitive, but it is absolutely true.

The effort you put into the acquisition process, may very well be the most important use of your time in any real estate buying transaction.

But did you know that it’s also not as simple as just buying at the right price and time?

To effectively buy real estate you MUST know these key factors:

  • You must have a level of insider knowledge
  • You must map out an effective plan
  • You must be able to evaluate and identify a good deal
  • You must know the metrics
  • You must know the area
  • You must have the right timing in the marketplace

Especially when your interests lie in commercial real estate acquisition in Florida.

Know this…

Commercial property is valued differently than residential real estate.

Income from commercial property is directly related to its usable square footage, commercial value rented or leased, and the lease agreements in place currently.

There are many specialties within this category: Industrial, Residential, Retail, Office, and the list goes on.

There are also many important issues to consider: Zoning Laws, Maintenance, County and State Compliance, Occupancy, and again…many more.

There are issues you must fully understand, and know how to calculate accurately, such as Cap Rate and Net Operating Income.

  • Why, then, would you trust the acquisition process to just anyone?
  • Why would you even trust it to yourself?
  • Retail Solutions Advisors has over 100 years of experience in this business.
  • We know commercial real estate.
  • We know acquisitions,
  • And we SPECIALIZE in retail acquisitions.
  • Retail acquisitions can present an entirely different, and even more complex set of problems.
  • Issues such as site plans, lease terms, options, escalations and area competition can quickly bring a project to an alarming halt.
  • Repurposing vacant anchor spaces brings even more complexities.
  • For this, you simply must have an all-star team.

We have extensive relationships with banks, attorneys, title companies, and other key players in the real estate business that not only aid in the acquisitions process, but also come together to identify these properties.

They are our eyes and ears.

In addition, we take the research phase many levels beyond simple mathematics. We investigate and compare such things as market growth and geographical diversification.

We use our experience and expertise to offset economic risk from issues such as single market concentration. With your money on the line, why would you even consider taking on this task by yourself?

Our number one goal is to make sure that your investment capital is invested intelligently, and that it remains protected. It needs to produce a return. If you fail in the acquisitions process, you might as well just donate your money to charity, because it’s gone.

Retail Solutions Advisors is the answer, 100 years in the making.

If we fail you, we fail us…and we simply do not know failure.

Get in contact today with our All Star team and let’s get your next project mapped out and ready for execution.

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