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Retail Solutions Advisors specializes in commercial real estate leasing and management throughout Florida. With over 100 years of experience, our team is equipped with unparalleled knowledge of the industry

When your question is “how to accomplish something” then the best answers will be “how I accomplished this previously.”  ~ Tim Ferriss, Best Selling Author

That is exactly what Retail Solutions Advisors is built on.

In 2014 as Charlie and Todd were discussing, what is now considered thought leadership on Commercial Real Estate Property Management and Development, they had the idea that gathering specific skill sets under one roof all focused on this one major task would absolutely blow the market away. They teamed up with Jim Lee and the idea started happening.

They couldn’t have been more right!

The formation of over 100 years of experience all focused on similar projects creates a compounding effect where thought leadership and high rates of return are an everyday and normal event. This is exactly why Retail Solutions Advisors focuses on the projects they do.

With projects from the tip of the most southern peninsula of Florida to retail developments just south of Georgia, this team of industry veterans cover the state of Florida and can make anything achievable when it comes to commercial real estate and retail spaces.

The developments of Retail Solutions Advisors can be found throughout the state of Florida as well. While normally they are redeveloping a property, finding the second and sometimes third tenants of a previous large department stores space, it is also not unusual for it to be a first-time placement into the perfect demographic to boost profits of a store.

When retail stores are looking for that perfect placement in a thriving community that doesn’t currently have a lot of retail environment,  with RSA as their tenant representation team, retailers know they will have the best location and the best long-term strategy for that placement.

If you are looking for:

  • Purchasing
  • Leasing
  • Development
  • Tenant representation
  • Broker

Do you currently own a property?

Then you will want to get in contact with Retail Solutions Advisors and their experienced team of professionals.

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