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Commercial Brokerage

Whether you are looking to buy or sell commercial real estate, you need to know one thing…

You need to know the value of the property.

Value doesn’t just mean what price can I ask for the property (or what price will I pay), When you are looking at the value of commercial property, you must think in terms of its income potential. Most commonly, income is gained by appreciation or monthly cash flow. Sometimes both.

This value is usually figured
in one of two ways:


This is the value of the property itself, based on future cash flow potential


This is the value of the property relative to comparable properties.

As you may imagine there are several complex and in-depth mathematical equations to achieve this value. The ability to properly assess value, and calculate profitability is of utmost importance in any transaction, but especially true in commercial real estate. If you get this wrong, you may think you’re entering a good deal when in fact, you’re headed for disaster.

Maybe you’re not looking to buy or sell, but just to reposition your property.

Valuation is still the key component to developing a strategy to proceed. If you do nothing else, just getting valuation right can potentially save you from catastrophe.

Retail Solutions Advisors has an entire team of brokers, management, leasing and tax professionals that specialize in commercial valuation. Not only commercial, but specifically retail commercial valuation.

We have been in the commercial retail market for over a century.

Our professionals provide expertise in services such as:

– Cost Reduction Services
– Assessment and Tax Bill Approval
– Coordinating Appraisal Services
– Reporting
– Appeals
– Abatement and Exemption Research
– Tax Accrual Forecasting
We don’t just stop there.

When we determine the value of your investment, we consider many additional variables.

Variables that can make the difference. These include:

– Equitability
– Building Age
– Building Type
– Improvements Needed
– Vacancy
– Income
– All Forms of Depreciation
– Highest and Best Use of Your Property

There is a lot to consider, and with your capital on the line, you simply cannot afford to get valuation wrong.

Whether you’re buying, selling, repurposing or reconfiguring…you simply cannot proceed without knowing what your investment is worth now, and what it may be worth in the future. You need a strategic plan. We see your investment as our investment, And truly it is. Retail Solutions Advisors will go the extra mile in the beginning, to ensure your investment is profitable in the end.

For a consultation regarding your commercial property, call Charlie Boscarino.

It simply does not make sense to move forward, if you can’t start properly. Call Retail Solutions Advisors, and let us start your investment in the right direction. Our Florida commercial real estate listing companies expertise and our Florida commercial real estate brokers work together to bring you the best possible deal.

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