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Asset Management

As an investor, the most important piece of the investing puzzle to you personally, is probably asset management.

Am I right?

Sure, finding the right deal and ROI are important, but what could be MORE important than how your portfolio is managed?

It is the asset manager’s job to provide
your portfolio with three key objectives:

That’s a pretty tall order, considering what’s at stake.
How do you find the right company to take on this responsibility?

You definitely need to ask a few key questions when choosing the right professional.

Exactly what do you do for me?

You need to have clear expectations. Will you get a written plan? Will they recommend any specific investments? Will they help develop a personalized strategy?

What Can’t You Do?

Nobody does everything, so ask. Will they invest with discretion? Who will actually be making the day-to-day investment decisions?

When Do You Determine It Is Time To Buy Or Sell An Investment?

What conditions influence this decision? What is the turnover rate?

How Do You Determine The Right Mix Of Investments?

Do you strictly adhere to a strategy, or do you make adjustments? How much is determined by you vs. a risk analysis?

Will You put My Interests Above Yours?

It literally does no good to get involved with someone who cares for their customer less than they care about their own interests.

Do You Personally Own Any Of The Investments You Recommend?

It is a very good sign that you have found the right company, when they “put their money where their mouth is”.

Retail Solutions Advisors lives and breathes
Commerical Property Asset Management.

We have to…we are investors ourselves. We operate in many areas of the real estate world, including property management, acquisitions, leasing, and several more. We don’t just look at what’s selling where, and advise where to invest. In fact, if you lose…we lose. You can bet we are dedicated to making sure that does not happen. When you sign on with Retail Solutions Advisors, you are getting the combined knowledge of a company that has been involved with commercial asset management for over 100 years. Yes, that’s TWO zeros. 100 years in the commercial real estate game. How your money works for you, with as little risk as possible, cannot be taken lightly. Why would you leave it in the hands of a less experienced company?

Call us today, and see how knowledgeable our staff is. See if you get the feeling that your money is in the right hands.

It is just as important to us as it is to you, that you feel confident that your money will be managed properly.

Contact: Jim D. Lee at 863.944.3378 or via email at [email protected] for more information regarding RSA’s Asset Management capabilities.

We pride ourselves in Florida asset management and being your asset manager for real estate asset management in Florida.

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