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Property Management

You bought a shopping center. Now what?

This investment should provide monthly cash flow, and a positive ROI over time…IF it is managed properly. Property Management is where you make your investment pay for itself.

Do you know everything involved in effectively
managing commercial property?


Laws, trends, undesirable tenants, litigation and possible arbitration are all issues that you will most likely face.


Fire protection systems must work properly and be up to date. Proper lighting and signage, as well as parking lot markings are all required by law.


If retailers do not know you have vacancy, you’ll never have high occupancy. This will dramatically affect the profitability of the property.


Disrepair and unattractive buildings can cause tenants to break their lease, and customers to drive on to the next location.


Not only for legal reasons (code compliance), but outdated buildings can be dangerous, unattractive and unaccommodating to modern technologies tenants want.


Local associations such as the chamber of commerce, and national associations such as The Building Owners and Managers Association are a good idea, but can steal valuable time.

As you can see…it’s not a simple case of “if you buy it, they will come” There is an incredible amount of time necessary to effectively manage commercial real estate. Your time is better spent networking, and looking for more investments.Retail Solutions Advisors has been investing in, and managing commercial property for over 100 years.We view and manage your investment with the mindset of an owner, because…in reality, we are. Your NOI is always top priority. We understand and manage all the REAL headaches involved in commercial real estate management.Do you have the time or experience to deal with all of these issues? Do you, for even one second, WANT to? How much MORE money could you make, if someone else handled this load? I think the answer is obvious. Nobody buys commercial property to be in the landlord business. Sure, you COULD handle everything yourself. But does that make sense? We have an entire team dedicated, and experienced in handling every issue surrounding commercial real estate management. It’s a day to day thing for us.Retail Solutions Advisors is the seasoned veteran you need on your team. We specialize in commercial retail space, it’s not just something else we do.

Give us a call, and we will prove to you that this is not just a job for us. We are a Florida property management and commercial property management company. There are many commercial real estate property management manager companies in Florida and we strive for customer satisfaction to the fullest.

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