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Teen And Early 20’s Boutique

Every mall should have a shop that caters to the very important 14 to 28 year old fashion demographic. This cohort of fashionista are big spenders as a group so providing them interesting shops to do their shopping is a great idea. This group drives all the trends and determines what will be popular for their age group. If you can capture this demographic you will have plenty of shoppers and foot traffic at your shopping mall. So go after this group and give them what they like.
Sporting Goods Box Store

Sporting good stores are always a winner. They are a winner because they service a huge demographic. They service single active men, moms looking to get in shape, kids who are into team sports, and young women looking for athlectic workout gear. It services all recreational sports such as basketball, tennis, golf and football. It also services people simply looking for sports shoes for everyday wear. As you can see, this is a great cross section of shoppers who will keep you in the black month after month so add a sports good shop to your mall.
Healthy Food Option

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The stats say that fast foods are out and healthy fast options are in. A restaurant like a chipotle is a big hit in these modern times. It gives the option to eat tasty healthy food that is able to please meateaters, vegans, gluten free people, low carbers, high carbers, those wanting low fat, those wanting high fats and hungry people of all varities. As you can see, these types of restaurants are in and are a sure thing in these modern times when healthy yet very tasty options are desired by most people.
A Classy Dine in Movie Theater

If you want to be ahead of the curve, then you need to setup a smaller, yet cozier movie theater that gives more of an imtimate feeling. The type of theater with waiters, lounge chairs, recliners and all the things that give a more intimate feeling than what the stadard theater gives.
An Apple Store

Apple is a big winner across demographics. People are willing to wait for days for the next Apple release nd your mall should have that money. Apple stores are very popular, they do a lot of business. They attract a variety of customers who the rest of your stores will be able to attract in different ways.
As you see, today’s mall is all about catering to modern shoppers who have a lot of distinct needs. Today’s customers have very specific tastes and spending habits. Your mall should be developed and with a plan that will bring these shoppers to your mall. If you are able to do this, your mall will be very successful. Cater to what the people need, not who is willing to lease in your mall. Do this and you will be very successful with your mall.

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