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Here is an interesting fact — In the commercial real estate industry, white men still dominate all positions. Florida A&M University recently entered a partnership with FAMU and Front Street Commercial Real Estate in effort to address the current challenges with the minority gap. The partnership involves working together with the universities to create internships beginning in summer of 2016. A diversity report released indicated that among the Commercial Real Estate Senior Executives jobs, white men accounted for 77.6 percent of the workplace and white women made up 14.1 percent of the space. As for minorities, Hispanic men accounted for 2.9 percent; Asian men 1.6 percent; and Black males 1.3 percent. In the minority female category Hispanic women, Asian women, Black women and other women account for less than 1 percent of senior executive jobs. Take a look at the latest data revealing the diversity gap in the CRE industry:

Data of 4-year, college educated individuals between the ages of 25 to 64 years-old:

  • White women: 39.5%
  • White men: 36.7%
  • Black, Asian or Hispanic: 23.8%  

Data of minorities in the commercial real estate:

Among CRE Senior Executives (13,773 jobs)

  •    White men: 77.6%
  •    White women: 14.1%


  •    Hispanic men: 2.9%
  •    Asian men: 1.6%  
  •    Black males: 1.3%  
  •    Each minority female category: Hispanic women, Asian women, Black women, and Other women: hold less than 1% of Senior Executive jobs

Among CRE Mid Level Managers (47,844 jobs)

  •    White men: 68.9%
  •    White women: 16.8%


  •    Hispanic men: 4.7%
  •    Black males: 2%
  •    Hispanic Women: 1.9%
  •    Asian men: 1.8%
  •    Black Women 1.7%
  •    Asian Women: 1.1%

CRE Professionals (61,073 jobs)

  •    White men: 58.5%
  •    White women: 21.6%


  •    Asian men: 4.4%
  •    Hispanic men: 4.2%
  •    Asian Women: 3.4%
  •    Black males: 2.4%
  •    Hispanic Women: 2.0%
  •    Black Women 2.0%

FAMU School of Business and Industry Dean Shawnta Friday-Stroud stated that the university wants students to have opportunities in all industries. The Commercial Real Estate Diversity Report was compiled by professionals at CREDiversity.com. The National Association of Realtors noted that 89 percent of its commercial professionals consider themselves Caucasian. The median age in the profession is age 57. And men account for 76 percent of the association’s commercial members. Luke Visconti, chief executive and owner of DiversityInc., stated “The industry is very tribal, very inside, very difficult to break into.”

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