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Here is some wonderful news for any commercial real estate developer (CRE) — Smart Appointments are beginning to take over in 2016!

Just earlier last month, Adept Business Systems has released its latest version 3.2 of Surga Central – a vertical SaaS software commercial real estate solution for sales and marketing.  So what exactly are smart appointments? “Smart Appointments” is a new concept being introduced to our sector, and Adept Business Systems’ 3.2 of Surga Central allows property agents the ability to invite key commercial real estate stakeholders  automatically and to select an ideal location for the meeting. “Interactive tenant mix is an important step in that direction,” the company says.

The tool offers interactive stacking plans which offers a convenient way for CRE’s to view occupancy at multi-storey commercial buildings like as high rise offices. There are also capabilities to go beyond office buildings to single-storey sites, such as retail centers or industrial parks. The Surga Central’s Expanded View Stacking Plans, is a property agent that reveals details of occupancy to prospective investors or tenants or investors. The feature uses an interactive tool compatible on desktop browsers or an iPad.

Commercial real estate is ideally suited to benefit from smarter appointment handling because agents typically spend most of their day away from an office and, in consequence, it can be difficult to track who is available to respond to service requests from clients,” said Gary Clark, Surga Central Product Manager. “Owners, investors and tenants demand the highest standards of service and agency managers are seeking new ways to ensure their staff operate at the highest levels of productivity.” 

It’s quite clear mobile is truly changing the CRE landscape. Use of smart appointments also delivers convenience. “With Surga Central’s Smart Appointment feature, team members are always aware of who is available to perform an inspection or meet a prospective tenant. Managers can easily track key face-to-face activities of each agent during a day, week or month and identify scope for improvement.”

CRE professionals are embracing these types of mobile features and innovations, as they offer collaboration in the industry. Managing and adopting mobile tools successfully for CRE’s should provide long-term value for the firm. Meeting “long-term” objectives is crucial. The 3.2 of Surga Central is a unique mobile application for commercial real estate developers.

The commercial real estate sector is getting interactive and on the cloud. The features new technology also syncs well in form of secure cloud databases, pervasive mobile networks and iPads has now made this a possibility. For instance, the company offers agents who may be conducting an inspection at an office property the ability to instantly show a client the tenant mix on-demand. Surga Central 3.0 noted that real time questions can be answered such as, “Who else in this building is in the software industry?” According to the company, all the tenancy information – lease expiration date, area leased and rent paid is delivered through the cloud allowing the agent to engage in a highly professional manner with the client. “In the digital age, the winners are those who can embrace the potential of technology for competitive advantage and improved customer service, “ stated Adept Business Systems.


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