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Hello everyone. Commercial real estate developers can learn a lot from Gregg Fienberg, the Executive Producer of HBO’s leading drama series True Blood. You see, Fienberg was frustrated of trying to manage his calls for many years. Anything from emails, spreadsheets, texts, call reminders, and more texts from his assistant were considered part of his “hot mess” system just to keep the producer’s calls up to date. I’m sure you’ll agree that this is quite a relatable scenario, as commercial real estate developers who are reading this can surely admit to being “busy.”

Fienberg had assumed there was a better way and he ended up asking his assistant Gabe Hobson, to seek out ways to resolve the problems. To end the call management nightmare, his assistant Gabe had came up with nothing. “Sure there were call log apps and to do lists – but no real two-way communication solution so a boss and an assistant could manage and track calls in real-time,” Fienberg said. So Gregg then took the matters into his own hands and developed callPlease www.callplease.com – the first-of-its-kind communication hub to manage and track calls in real-time across all devices. Users can see their call history on their phone like an email thread. Most apps already do calendaring, schedule calls or to-do lists, which is great for scheduling a call, but what happens after the call is done? Where is it tracked? callPlease syncs the entire process, from start to finish.

I had interviewed Gregg Fienberg exclusively for International Business Times about his latest mobile app endeavour and we also discussed his insights on the topic. The callPlease app is not only reserved for the Hollywood community. There are other industries such as commercial real estate which can significantly benefit from being on the cutting edge with such an app. Fienberg believes that call management is a business problem, not an industry one.

Jennifer Lynn: Could you tell us more about callPlease?

Gregg Fienberg:  I’m like any CEO of a start-up, juggling all facets of the business to keep it on track and grow our user base. We spent the last few years perfecting callPlease all by listening to user feedback. Now, it’s about letting professionals, who currently are frustrated with their call management, know that there’s simply a better way. Our product works for the single user, boss/assistant duo and an actual team of boss and assistants.

Jennifer Lynn: What are your personal thoughts on technology?

Gregg Fienberg: There are a lot of problems out there in our daily professional lives.  Our day has become so cluttered with all different types of technologies; I believe companies that think about all the other apps/tools I use and seamlessly integrate will win.  For example, I really like Tempo for calendaring. It’s an app that thinks one step ahead of me.  I think that’s the name of the game.  You make technology too difficult to use, and it will fall flat.


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