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Florida is a wonderful part of America but is often underplayed for the cultural presence it has. Most people assume the location is all about wonderful weather, beautiful people, and gorgeous beaches. Indeed, these are on offer in abundance, but you are going to get a lot more than just that when you start looking. There are many wonderful festivals and events that take place throughout the calendar year in this part of the world and locals love it. Let’s take a look at what some of these festivals are all about.

Paint The Beach

In early November, a lot of people come together and ‘paint the beach’. Numerous artists from around the area come together and enjoy the beauty of art. It is something that can often be seen from miles away when you take a look at the shoreline.

This is a unique week and one that tends to draw in a lot of attention. It is done at Fort Myers Beach and can be quite the sight for those who are trying to get a look at some of the local talent while being able to go to a nice beach as well.

Hidden Coast Paddling Adventures

This is spread throughout the year in various parts of Florida for those who want to get to know more about the fresh water located in the area. This is the charm of visiting Florida as water-related activities are always going to on offer.

You can sign up and enjoy various freshwater experiences and paddle around while soaking in the great weather and water. It is something people do at one point or another in the area because of how entertaining it can be. It is quite the event.

Suwannee Lights

With Christmas around the corner in early December, you are able to enjoy the ‘Suwannee Lights’. Over 6 million lights are turned out and it can make for one of the most picturesque settings you will ever lay your eyes on.

Many people like to term it as ‘wonderland’ because of how it looks. It can truly be all-encompassing for those who take a walk through and just look at all of the lights that are turned on during the night. It is something magical and truly fitting for the time of year they are setup in.

Going to Florida is all about being able to immerse yourself in the experience and just enjoy what the state has to offer because those who don’t take advantage of it are the ones who are going to regret it down the road. It is a wonderful place as long as you are willing to take a look at all of these festivals and/or events that are present. Those who don’t do this are going to never be able to enjoy the beauty of this gorgeous location and all that it has to offer. It does not matter what time of the year it is, you will always have something to do.

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