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Florida is the ‘Sunshine State,’ a state where millions of tourists flock each year to many cities and attractions and a place where the locals of each city feel proud to call home. Florida is also a place for retirees, and while there are many millions of residents in the state of Florida, there are almost just as many people that own ‘second homes‘ or vacation properties.

The Florida coastline offers those turquoise waters that everyone dreams about, and on the eastern coast of Florida, you can take up surfing the waves. For example, Daytona, Florida is a great spot for that. When the real estate market bottomed out, it really hit hard in areas where vacation properties are prominent. As you can imagine, this wreaked havoc on Florida real estate.

Post-recession and after the market adjustment, you can imagine that Florida real estate is booming once again. That being said, there are many markets within the state of Florida, and choosing which geographical area you want to live in should be easy. That is because the real estate markets throughout each city in Florida are practically all booming!

Have you always wanted to own an oceanfront condo as a vacation property for you and your family? Years ago, that was something rich people could afford, and that’s about it. Prices have been slashed considerably, or ‘readjusted,’ and now more people can afford such a luxury.

Florida is still home to some pricey real estate, but that goes with any market that has some of the most unique and coveted properties on the market. Any state with a coastline is going to have some great properties, and Florida is one of the top states for beach destinations in the entire country.

If you’re in search of one of the best opportunities that Florida has to offer when it comes to real estate, then you might want to take a hard look at Jacksonville, Florida. This city is full of great investment properties, as are other cities in Florida and other coastline cities or beach towns all over the US.

There is a specific trend in Jacksonville that is seeing investors buying up the properties, and so that should tell you something. Look at properties in this area, or find other cities in Florida that are also showing this upward trend at just the right moment, a really good buying opportunity.

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